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GPS location:   Latitude: 40.07166 - Length: -3.24295
Street address: C/ La Ermita, 17 - 28598 Villamanrique de Tajo (Madrid)

Villamanrique de Tajo

It is a locality located in the heart of the middle valley of Tajo that occupies a central position in the region of Madrid known as “Las Vegas”. It is the smallest locality of this region. Anyway it is a very small territory, the history has been leaving footprint since the remotest time.

Inside the term of Villamanrque, archeological remains that testify the presence of inhabitants since the Paleolithic with axes of carved stone and other tools of silex and quartzite whose antiquity is 100.000 years old have been found. They are tools of the bands of hunters who roamed this area of the valley of Tajo and who left the footprints in the terraces of the river sedimentation.


Fuentidueña de Tajo, Villarejo de Salvanés, Colmenar de Oreja, Chinchón, Aranjuez, Parque Warner Bross, etc...


Hiking, Castle Rout, Birdwatching, Ecological Trail, Fishing, Hunting, Hiking Biking, Multi- adventure, Paintball, Horse routes, etc ...

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